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Welcome to PISC

Kαλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ – Benvenuto – Willkommen – Добро пожаловать – Bienvenue – Bine ati venit – ברוך הב

We are not just any sailing club, we are Paphos’ premier sailing club!

We are a friendly sailing club located in Paphos Cyprus, with regular social events, clubhouse, dinghy social sailing & racing.

We offer all types of sailing, including training, as PISC is an accredited and regulated member of the CYSAF (Cyprus Sailing Federation).

Dinghy sailing events are held at the beautiful location of Agios Georgios, north of Pegeia, south of the Akamas peninsula.

We also have a very active social side, usually based at our Club House in Pegeia.

PISC thrives and survives on the efforts of our members – we are a volunteer, self-help club full of friendly and helpful members.

Sailing on a Sea of Happiness Since 1999

Paphos International Sailing Club (known as PISC) was formed in 1999 by a group of sailing enthusiasts, the purpose being to promote all aspects of sailing and boating in Cyprus. During the early years of the Club’s existence, activities for the most part involved the sharing of common interests and knowledge in a social setting. The aims of the Club remain the same, which is to promote sailing and boating in a friendly self-help Club with great atmosphere.

All our dinghy sailing is overseen by the RCS (Rear Commodore Sailing). It takes place twice weekly at Agios Georgios, a small fishing harbour with a public slipway, a small sandy beach, (occasionally) turtles, and a cafe (run by Yiannis and Koula Drousiotou). Social sailing takes place every Thursday and racing every Saturday (but you don’t have to race!).

PISC promotes safe sailing – safety is paramount. Consequently, we have two patrol RIBs manned by trained club members, as well as beach crew to assist in launching and recovery of the dinghies.

An OOD (Officer of the Day) is in sole charge of sailing / racing and all the duty members are in communication via VHF radio. Sailors are required to wear buoyancy / floatation vests and all PISC members are encouraged to be trained in First Aid.

Taking advantage of the Cypriot weather, we sail the whole year round and break the year into four seasonal sailing series, for which prizes are awarded to helms and crews for their racing prowess. We also run a monthly racing competition.

As a PISC member, we can guarantee:

  • Happy sailing experiences (obviously!)
  • Soggy feet and wet bottoms
  • Turtles
  • New friends
  • Bacon and/or sausage butties (Autumn & Winter)
  • Happy sailing experiences (yes, we’ve already mentioned this but it’s important!)
  • Fun

“Before joining PISC, my life was an empty, desolate void of loneliness and despair. Now, my children respect me again and all my hair has grown back. Thank you PISC.”

Denty, Frequent Swimmer

PISC Boats

Our members sail a wide range of boats and the club’s own boats can be rented by members. The fleet currently includes a variety of classes (Kestrels, Wayfarers, Lasers & more) that race every Saturday in accordance with the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system which makes everything fair for all racing participants.

Many of our members have a variety of sailing experience & interests including dinghy & yacht sailing, race management, sailing training & cruising.

PISC Regattas and Races

PISC holds two regattas per year – Summer and Autumn – conducted over weekends in June and October. Frequently open to non-members of the club, they are fantastic social events too and always include a BBQ on the beach as well as prizes galore!

As well as our Seasonal Series and Monthly Series, we also have our annual Round the Island Race – not round the island of Cyprus you understand – that would take too long. No, we race around the island of Yeronissos and many more prizes are bestowed.

Turtle Dave

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed our obsession with turtles. Not only are these magnificent creatures worth protecting, they are regular visitors to our sailing grounds at Agios Georgios.

Our adopted mascot, Turtle Dave, has proven himself to be a valuable member of PISC and can often be seen popping his head up in the harbour, or adorning our various PISC merchandise.

“Sono membro del PISC da molto tempo. Non so ancora cosa sto facendo, ma mi diverto! Formaggio!”

Alessandro, Effervescent Roman

PISC Social

Here at PISC we cater for more than just the sailors. We also have a thriving social side to the club.

Twice a week and on special occasions, we have social events on our calendar all year round. Caribbean nights, quizzes, Christmas and birthday parties to name but a few, there’s always something going on, with a lively atmosphere.

Sailing members are catered-for with both a Fitting Out Supper, and an end-of-season Laying Up Supper which is also PISC’s annual awards ceremony.

Members are kept abreast of all events (and more besides) via Scuttlebutt, our digital newsletter that is emailed out, once a week.

PISC Organisation

PISC Resources

We also run training courses for First Aid, Officer of the Day / Race Officer, RIB Crew, Beach Crew etc. so members can feel confident in their own, and others abilities.

PISC Sponsors

If you’d like to be involved as a sponsor, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you!

And you can find us on Facebook too…